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Reference Date: 30-May-2016


  1. Cereal production in 2016 to recover from last year’s drought-reduced level

  2. Cereal imports expected to increase in 2015/16 marketing year

  3. Prices of white maize remained at high levels, those of red beans stable and lower than a year earlier

Cereal production in 2016 to recover from last year’s drought‑reduced level

Planting of the 2016 main de primera cereal season, accounting for about 60 percent of the annual cereal output, is underway and will conclude in late June. The 2016 cereal production is officially forecast at 987 000 tonnes, 14 percent up from last year’s drought‑reduced level, but still marginally below the five‑year average. The increase mainly reflects a recovery in the area sown favoured by improved precipitation now that the El Niño event is dissipating. Output of maize, in particular, is anticipated to recover sharply from last year’s reduced level to 409 000 tonnes. Rice and sorghum are also anticipated to increase but at a smaller rate.

Cereal imports expected to increase in marketing year 2015/16

Cereal imports in the current 2015/16 marketing year (September/August) are expected to increase by 22 percent from the previous year following two consecutive years of reduced cereal production. Rice and maize account for the bulk of the increase.

Prices of white maize at high levels in April, those of red beans stable and lower than a year earlier

Wholesale prices of white maize in April remained well above their year‑earlier levels due to the tight domestic supplies following the drought‑reduced 2015 output. By contrast, prices of red beans, an important staple food, remained virtually unchanged compared to March and were down from a year earlier, reflecting ample carryover supplies from the 2015 main season harvest.

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