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The FAO Liaison Office for North America, located in Washington, D.C., plays a key role in advancing FAO’s mandate to end hunger, malnutrition and poverty worldwide, while achieving the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. Toward this end, the Liaison Office engages in partnership-building, policy dialogue, information sharing, and raising the visibility of the Organization in the region.

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The Liaison Office provides a neutral platform for diverse stakeholders to exchange views and perspectives on key issues. We establish formal collaborations with non-governmental organizations, university and the private sector among other actors to advance our mission. 

We also support the Informal North America Regional Conference (INARC), which convenes every two years by Canada and the United States. The Conference serves as an important opportunity for both countries to highlight their priorities and FAO’s role in supporting them. FAO’s priority areas for North America include: food security and nutrition; food loss and waste; the One World, One Health agenda; trade; gender; climate change; and resilience building.  

Private sector companies involved in agri-food value chains can create employment, help raise labour standards and implement technology to increase agricultural production or reduction in pollution. Private sector companies are critical for the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With many multinational headquartered in the United State or Canada, FAO North America is in the best position to be the conduit to engage and leverage the knowledge, expertise and innovation from these companies to support the implementation of FAO’s private sector engagement strategy.

FAO invites engagement with the private sector for knowledge-sharing and to support new technologies and innovations that will help create sustainable and inclusive growth in global agricultural, and to jointly address some of the key food and agricultural challenges.  

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