XV Congreso Forestal Mundial


Secretaría de XV Congreso Forestal Mundial

Korea Forest Service  (KFS)Food and Agriculture Organization
Dr Eunsik Park (Secretary-General)Mr Peter Csoka (Associate Secretary-General)
Mr Hakjin Kim (Deputy Director)
Mr Shinhyun Ryu (Planning Officer)
Mr Doseong Cheon (Logistics Officer)
Ms Gharam Park (General Affairs Officer)
Ms Ilhyang Park (Convention Specialist)
Mr Yongkyoung Kim (Liaison Specialist)
Ms Antonella Pallaoro
(Programme and Administrative Assistant)
Ms Francesca Bruzzese
(Programme and Administrative Assistant)
Ms Ji Hye Moon (Second Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Mr Jongsu Lee (Deputy Director)
Ms Dayoung Kim (Programme Officer)
Ms Hyemin Lee (Programme Officer)
Ms Yeonjoo Kwon (Programme Officer)
Ms Juwon Park (Forestry Specialist)
Ms Andosung Lee (Programme Officer)
Ms Chansong Kim (Liaison Specialist)
Ms Yuka Irie (Documentation Officer)
Ms Eva Müller (Forestry Specialist)
Ms Federica Urbani (Knowledge Management Consultant)
Outreach and promotion 
Mr Sunghwan Kim (Deputy Director)
Mr Jicheol Jeong (Administrative Officer)
Ms Dahyung Yang (Outreach Specialist)
Ms Kyoung Jin Seo (Outreach Specialist)
Ms Rayane Abou Jaoude (Outreach and Knowledge Management Specialist)
Ms Katherine Clyne (Information and Knowledge Management Specialist)
Mr Amos Amanubo (Youth Outreach and Liaison Specialist)
Mr Pier Andrea Pirani (Social Media Expert)
Ms Emily Carroll (Outreach and Knowledge Management Specialist)