Plateforme de connaissances sur l'agriculture familiale


Family farming lex

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Small-scale biogas technology for the rural areas of Sumatra

Increasing livestock population puts pressure on the treatment of organic waste.Sufficient feedstock for biogas production on small farms rather than individual farmers. Low level of information access on biogas technology by farmers. Small-scale biogas systems are technically feasible for animal waste in the target area.


The Indonesian National Committee for Family Farming (Komite Nasional Pertanian Keluarga Indonesia)

Civil society
The Indonesian National Committee for Family Farming (KNPK) was established in July 2014 in line with the celebration of the International Year of Family Farming (IYFF 2014). It is an inclusive organization, consists of 13 national organization, as follows: small farmers organization, small scale fishers organization, farmers women organization, youth,...