Plateforme de connaissances sur l'agriculture familiale


Family farming lex

Plan to Provide Food Support for Low-Income Groups of People

This National Plan, which consists of 8 Articles, aims to increase food security among low-income groups of the society. The Country’s Budget and Planning Organization should provide low-income groups of people with financial assistance in form of deposit into special bank accounts of the head of...


Iran and FAO

Matching FAO’s expertise to Iran’s development priorities FAO assistance in Iran is currently shaped by the 2017-2021 Country Programming Framework (CPF), which is centered on four strategic priority areas:  Environmentally sustainable and climate-smart agriculture  Food security and food safety  Inclusive and resilient rural development  Knowledge-based economy...


University of Zanjan

Since 1975, the University of Zanjan (Znu) has been developed in different fields and has been ranked as one the top comprehensive public universities in Iran. Although it was established as an agricultural higher education institute in 1975, today it has been developed in five main faculties, including Agriculture, Engineering,...
Iran (Islamic Republic of)