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Plateforme de connaissances sur l'agriculture familiale

  Fédération de Russie

Family farming lex

Regional Law No. 100-ZS “On some issues related to gardening and horticulture by citizens for individual personal needs”.

This Regional Law determines powers and competence of the regional state authorities in the field of gardening and horticulture for individual personal needs, the procedure for acquisition of common property located within the boundaries of the territory of agricultural land plots destined for gardening and horticulture...


An overview of legal and institutional frameworks and opportunities, challenges and recommendations for geographical indication products in Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, the Republic of Moldova and the Russian Federation

Geographical indication (GI) schemes can play a special role in promoting sustainable rural development, improving farm income and opening new export potential. Natural factors such as soil, climate and plant varieties play a major role in producing a unique product. Usually, GIs comprise knowledge and skills passed on from generation...


Center for support of indigenous peoples of the North

Civil society
The main objective of the Center is to help the indigenous people of the North and their communities to transition to the new market conditions of management in modern Russian reality through professional training, the creation of distance education programs, joint management and profits. Organization of the work of the...
Russian Federation