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Benefits of Citrus

Citrus is one of the major fruit crops globally and citrus fruits are grown in more than 140 countries around the world. Oranges, lemons, tangerines and grapefruits are among the most commonly grown citrus types and they are mainly traded and consumed as fresh fruit, juice, or as concentrate.

Commodity in focus

Citrus is one of the most popular and widely grown fruit crops in the world. Citrus and its products are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre that are essential for the overall nutritional well-being. Among the most commonly cultivated types, oranges account for more than half of world citrus production and are the most widely traded citrus fruit followed by tangerines, lemons and grapefruits. World citrus production and export have grown steadily over the past three decades, although at a slower pace than competing fruits such as mangoes, avocadoes and melons.


Citrus production and trade have continuously increased in recent decades.

Oranges account for more than half of the global citrus output and represent over 40 percent of world citrus exports.

Citrus fruits face growing competition from other fruits and other food product categories

About one-third of the citrus fruit produced worldwide is used for processing.

Citrus fruits are grown in more than 140 countries across the world.

Did you know?

  • Citrus plants originate from the tropical and subtropical regions in Asia and Oceania.

  • The major citrus producing countries include China, Brazil and the United States of America.

  • Citrus fruits constitute a key source of vitamin C and provide a multitude of other essential nutrients.

  • In addition to fresh fruit and juice, citrus is grown for production of oil and citric acid, while citrus by-products are mainly used as animal feed.

  • Citrus species are perennial in growth habit and the average lifespan of a citrus tree is 50 years or more.

  • The citrus industry is very diverse and citrus fruits are grown on small, medium, large, and very large farms.