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The FAO Markets and Trade Division collects, analyses and disseminates information on the oilcrops market. Comprehensive oilcrops market intelligence reports and short-term forecasts of supply, demand, trade, stocks and prices of are published on a regular basis, alongside topical analyses and information on policy developments. In addition, the Division services the Intergovernmental Group on Oilseeds, Oils and Fats, which provides a forum for intergovernmental consultation and exchange on oilcrops production, consumption, trade and price trends, including regular appraisals of the global oilcrops market situation and short-term outlook.

Oilcrops market focus:

FAO Oilcrops Monthly Price Update (former MPPU)

Reviews the development of international prices for oilseeds, oils and meals.

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Annual Compendium

An overview of policy developments and private sector measures relevant to the industry.

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Market information also featured in:

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Oilcrops Market Network

The Oilcrops Market Network is a multilingual service providing information on current developments in the national and international markets for oilseeds, oils and meals, including on technical and economic factors having an impact on production, consumption, trade, stock and prices. It circulates regular market bulletins dealing with developments in the world oilcrops economy – such as the Oilcrops Monthly Price and Policy Update (MPPU) - to subscribers via e-mail, free-of-charge. To subscribe to the Oilcrops Market Network, please subscribe directly to our newsletters here.