Traité international sur les ressources phytogénétiques pour l'alimentation et l'agriculture

First meeting of the Scientific Advisory Committee on Article 17 (SAC-GLIS-1)

24/11/2016 to 25/11/2016

Italy (Rome)

At its Sixth Session, the Governing Body adopted the Vision and the first Programme of Work on the Global Information System(GLIS) as contained in Resolution 3/2015. The Governing Body also decided to establish the Scientific Advisory Committee to advise the Secretary  on the implementation of the Programme of Work on Article 17.

Documents de travail

» IT/GB7/SAC-1/16/1
Provisional Agenda
» IT/GB7/SAC-1/16/2
Report on the Operations of the Programme of Work
» IT/GB7/SAC-1/16/3
Implementing Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs)
» IT/GB7/SAC-1/16/4
Transparency of Rights and Obligations of Users of the Global Information System
» IT/GB7/SAC-1/16/5
Partnerships, Collaborations and Capacity Development
» IT/GB7/SAC-1/16/6
Draft Monitoring and Assessment Mechanism

Documents d'information

» IT/GB7/SAC-1/16/Inf. 1
List of Documents
» IT/GB7/SAC-1/16/Inf.2
Information Note for Participants
» IT/GB7/SAC-1/16/Inf.3
Data required for the assignation of Digital Object Identifiers in the Global Information System - v.1
» IT/GB7/SAC-1/16/Inf.4
Guidelines for the optimal use of Digital Object Identifiers as permanent unique identifiers for germplasm samples- v.1
» IT/GB7/SAC-1/16/Inf.5
Report and analysis of the global survey on descriptors required for PGRFA material

Other Documents

PPT Item 3 - Operations and Implementation of the GLIS Programme of Work
PPT Item 4 - The GLIS Web Portal
PPT Item 5 - Implementing DOIs
PPT Item 6 – Transparency on the Rights and Obligations of GLIS Users
PPT Item 7 - Partnerships, Collaborations and Capacity Development
PPT Item 9 - The European Information Infrastructure as a Tool for the Implementation of the ITPGRFA
» IT/GB7/SAC-1/16/ BSP 10
The Global Information System and Genomic Information: transparency of Rights and Obligations


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