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The Soil Painting competition is an awareness raising activity GSP proposed for World Soil Day 2017 which is open to children, teens and young university students all over the world, from age 5. The Soil Painting Tutorial is designed to guide participants that would like to enter the contest and produce a painting with soil-derived colors for the 5th of December, World Soil Day.

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A collection of practical scientific experiments on soil will make children work with a range of materials: Without soil, we would not be able to grow any crops or other useful plants, support any livestock, or have materials for building shelter!

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The Proceedings of the Global Symposium on Soil Organic Carbon 2017 (GSOC17) presents the abstracts of all scientific presentations held during the GSOC17 (21 - 23 March 2017). 103 oral presentations and 35 poster presentations built the core of this event triggering fruitful discussions on the state-of-science in measuring, preserving and enhancing soil organic carbon in different soils of the world. 


This manual was prepared for conducting the seminar on innovative methods of reclamation and management of saline soils, which was held in Kharkov, Ukraine, in April 2017. This seminar is part of the Implementation Plan of the Eurasian soil partnership, which is a sub-regional partnership of the Global Soil Partnership. The main objectives of the Global Soil Partnership (GSP) and Regional Soil Partnerships (RSP) is the development of global and regional action plans for sustainable management and monitoring the limited soil resources as a key element in ensuring food security and environmental functions of soils. RSP rely on existing regional networks linking national and local networks, partners, projects and activities to ensure that the partnership will be guided by the national interests of all countries belonging to it. RSP should provide guidance for the development of regional goals, priorities and the required implementation mechanisms, and make regular assessments of progress in achieving the overall goals and objectives.


This cookbook provides generic methodologies and the technical steps to produce a SOC map. This includes step-by-step guidance for developing 1 km grids for SOC stocks, as well as for the preparation of local soil data, the compilation and processing of ancillary spatial data sets, upscaling methodologies, and uncertainty assessments. Guidance is mainly specific to soil carbon data, but also contains many generic sections on soil grid development due to its relevance for other soil properties.
The main focus of the guidance is on the upscaling of SOC stocks in the GSOCMap and as such the cookbook supplements the “GSP Guidelines for sharing national data/information to compile a Global Soil Organic Carbon (GSOC) map”. It provides technical guidelines to prepare and evaluate spatial soil data sets to:
• Determine SOC stocks from local samples to a target depth of 30 cm;
• Prepare spatial covariates for upscaling; and
• Select and apply the best suitable upscaling methodology.

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