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GIEWS Update - The Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Soaring prices and reduced availability of agricultural inputs curb 2022 agricultural production prospects, increasing risks for acute food insecurity

Year of publication2022
AbstractReduced supplies and soaring prices of most agricultural inputs raise concerns about production of the 2022 main “wet” season crops, including paddy, the country’s main food staple. Prices of livestock inputs surged since April 2022, resulting in distress sales of animals by farmers. Prices of most food items increased since the beginning of 2022 and reached record or near‑record highs in July 2022. Acute food insecurity deteriorated since early 2022, with most households gradually adopting food‑related coping strategies, including reducing meal sizes and limiting diversification.
Available inEnglish
Product typeNewsletter
SeriesGIEWS - Updates
CountryLao People's Democratic Republic
RegionAsia and the Pacific
Areas of workGlobal Information and Early Warning System
KeywordsCrop production; food security; markets; trade; prices; food insecurity; macroeconomics; Lao People's Democratic Republic; Asia.