XV World Forestry Congress


Princess Basma bint Ali, FAO Goodwill Ambassador

At the XV World Forestry Congress in Seoul, Republic of Korea, Princess Basma bint Ali of Jordan, FAO Goodwill Ambassador for Near East and North Africa speaks about the importance of forests and urges everyone to take action to restore degraded lands and forests, while caring for the forests that remain intact.

Maria Helena Semedo, Deputy Director-General, FAO

Maria Helena Semedo explains that the most important outcome of the XV World Forestry Congress is the sense of urgency.

Cécile Ndjebet, 2022 Wangari Maathai Forest Champion

Cameroonian activist Cécile Ndjebet was awarded the 2022 Wangari Maathai Forest Champions’ Award at a ceremony during the XV World Forestry Congress in Seoul, Republic of Korea, in recognition of her outstanding contribution to preserving forests and improving the lives of the people who depend on them.

Peter Csoka, Associate Secretary-General, FAO

Peter Csoka explains the value of forest restoration and how it will be possible to feed 10 billion people without expanding agricultural areas through better agriculture, better food production, more rational food consumption and better forest management.

Amy Duchelle, Senior Forestry Officer, FAO

Amy Duchelle explains that as climate change increases the incidence of extreme and more frequent wildfires globally, emphasis needs to be placed on an integrated fire management approach with more resources dedicated to early stages and less emphasis on purely responsive measures.

Peter Moore, FAO Fire management

Peter Moore, Fire Management Consultant, FAO, explains that fire issues in a particular country or area cannot be solved in a matter of weeks or even in a few months. Rather, solutions require years and investments and resource mobilization should be tied to longer-term activities.

FAO Director-General Qu Dongyu meets with youth delegates