XV World Forestry Congress

Photograph by Pilar Valbuena/FAO

Pre-congress events

Forestry communication and digital media - learn, practice, grow

30 April - 1 May, 2022 | 9:00 AM KST - 5:00 PM KST

mentorThis two-day workshop will guide participants on how to use social and digital media more effectively to communicate on forestry issues.  Open to youth, young professional and seasoned professional forestry experts and communicators, participants will practise with digital media products and tools, with support from more seasoned communicators. 

Organized and facilitated by the Finnish Forest Association and the Regional Forest Communicators Networks, the workshop will focus on ‘what works’ in using social and digital media to communicate on forestry/environment/land use sectors – especially in the context of an event such as the Congress. It will be facilitated as an interactive peer-to-peer event where participants share, review and learn insights from successful digital communication examples. 

Throughout the week, workshop participants can continue to use their media skills to report on highlights and events each day.


  1. Expand and finetune participants’ communication skills using digital/online media.
  2. Reinforce and enlarge the network of forestry communicators.
  3. Set up and coach a digital media team that contributes to the ‘unofficial’ reporting of the Congress through the production of good quality content.
  4. Heighten public awareness of the XV World Forestry Congress and invite and encourage substantive contributions from a range of stakeholders.
Social forest entrepreneurship training: Introduction to nature-based solutions

May 1, 2022 | 10:00 AM KST - 1:00 PM KST

Social entrepreneurship is a process in which individuals or groups develop solutions to address social issues through a business venture. Social entrepreneurship is a highly desirable skill for paving a way towards a more resilient and sustainable society, as well as a tool to bridge science and business practices.

There is a need to find new sustainable forest use opportunities and to mainstream innovative alternatives that already exist (e.g. sustainable NTFP use). This will result in the creation of jobs and income for forest stakeholders and preserve forests. However, to achieve this goal, a paradigm shift is needed in traditional forest education. 

This training workshop is designed for students and young professionals to examine how goods and services of the forest can be used to enhance the quality of life of forest-dependent communities and to learn more about how entrepreneurship skills can be used to work toward the Sustainable Development Goals related to forestry.

This workshop will introduce present and future forestry professionals to the concept of social entrepreneurship as a major contributing factor to building a greener and resilient future. 

Fellowship application/proposal writing workshop for young foresters

May 1, 2022 | 2:00 PM KST - 5:00 PM KST

Funding for science is scarce and different disciplines have to compete for grants. To ensure the future of forest science, this fellowship writing workshop will help young forest researchers and other innovators apply for funding in the forest sector.

Most students and young scientists in forest-related disciplines need more experience in preparing funding proposals for education and research.  Designed specifically for forestry students and young professionals, this workshop will build skills needed for basic proposal writing using the ITTO fellowship program as the model.

This workshop will equip  participants with resources on where to look for fellowship and project funding, application templates and some practice with developing an application.

Branching out & growing networks: young professional networking

May 1, 2022 | 4:00 PM KST - 6:00 PM KST

Global Network for Forestry Young Professionals - XV WFC - 5May2022 - 240190The XV WFC will be the first Congress to provide a designated space and programme for young professionals to network and establish life-long relationships with peers, and engage in intergenerational dialogues. 

A mass exodus is forecasted as the forestry workforce nears retirement; meanwhile, globally, forestry schools and education programmes are decreasing in numbers and enrolments. Young professionals contribute to the progression and transformation of the forest sector through their expertise and innovative ways of working, and could provide inspiration to those aspiring to be in the sector, or are unaware of the employment opportunities in forest conservation and management. 

Conferences are an excellent opportunity to network and establish relationships that foster careers.  This networking event will be specifically for young professionals, from entry level to mid-career (up to 40 years old). 

The event will provide young forestry professionals tips on how to optimize their Congress experience with a special guide and backdrop slide show including how to:

  • Network with peers and senior professionals.
  • Navigate the Congress programme and support other young professionals events.