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World Banana Forum

Bananas are the world’s most exported fresh fruit and a main source of income for millions of rural households in developing economies. Yet the industry faces pressing social, economic and environmental issues.

Hosted at FAO, the World Banana Forum (WBF) brings together participants from across the global banana value-chain to translate dialogue into action and achieve best practices for sustainable production and trade.

The WBF has grown exponentially since its inception, with members who are retailers, importers, producers, scientists, consumer groups, governments, researchers, trade unions and civil society organizations. Tapping into specialized FAO teams, three WBF working groups address the most urgent environmental, economic and social sustainability issues.

Collaboration among WBF members has led to concerted efforts to stop the spread of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp cubense Tropical race 4 (Foc TR4). The WBF is establishing the TR4 Global Network (TR4GN), acknowledging the need to invite far-reaching support from all interested parties in the process of halting TR4.

Key messages

Bananas and plantains are essential crops around the world for both their economic importance and deep cultural roots.

With some 15 percent of global production exported, the total trade value of bananas was around USD 8 billion in 2016, making them the largest traded fruit crop in terms of production value.

Grown in +135 countries in the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia, Oceania and Africa, bananas and plantains are staple crops for the food security of 400 million people.

On average, income from banana and plantain farming accounts for around 75 percent of total monthly household income for smallholder farmers.

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