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GIEWS Special Alert No. 351 - The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 29 September 2022

Heavy monsoon rains and subsequent flooding affected large numbers of people and caused widespread devastation to the agricultural sector

Year of publication2022
AbstractHeavy monsoon rains and subsequent flooding between mid-June and end-August 2022 disrupted the livelihoods of about 33 million people and destroyed agricultural land, crops, livestock assets, critical agricultural infrastructure and households’ food reserves. The floods caused significant losses to the 2022 “Kharif” food and cash crops, including rice, maize, cotton, sugarcane, vegetables and orchards, with the bulk of the damage concentrated in Sindh Province. Prices of wheat, the country’s main staple, and other basic food items have been generally rising since the end of 2021 and reached record or near-record levels in August 2022. Acute food insecurity is expected to worsen in parts of the country due to the negative impact of the floods and the very high prices of basic food items, energy and fuel. International food and agricultural assistance is urgently needed to avoid the deterioration of the local food security situation.
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Product typeNewsletter
SeriesGIEWS - Special Alerts
RegionAsia and the Pacific
Areas of workGlobal Information and Early Warning System
KeywordsCrop production; food security; markets; trade; prices; food insecurity; macroeconomic.