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المعاهدة الدولية بشأن الموارد الوراثية النباتية للأغذية والزراعة

المعاهدة الدولية، بموجب المادة 27، مفتوحة لانضمام جميع أعضاء المنظمة وجميع البلدان التي ليست أعضاء المنظمة ولكنها أعضاء من الأمم المتحدة، أو أية وكالة من وكالاتها المتخصصة أو الوكالة الدولية للطاقة الذرية. لقد دخلت المعاهدة الدولية حيز التنفيذ يوم 24 يونيو/حزيران 2004. ويمكن الإطلاع على العدد الحالي للأطراف المتعاقدة، وكذلك نوع الصك المستخدم والتاريخ أيضاً على الموقع الإلكتروني للمكتب القانوني للمنظمة.


Contracting Parties to the Treaty

Under Article 26, the Treaty is subject to ratification, acceptance or approval by the Members and non-Members of FAO referred to in Article 25. Instruments of ratification, acceptance, or approval are deposited with the Director-General of FAO.

Under Article 27, the Treaty is open for accession by all Members of FAO and any States that are not Members of FAO but are Members of the United Nations, or any of its specialized agencies or of the International Atomic Energy Agency. The Treaty entered into force the 29 June 2004. The current number of Contracting Parties as well as the type of instrument used and the date can be consulted in the Legal Office of FAO.

Download the model instruments of ratification [ لعربية english | français | español ] and accessions [ لعربية english | français | español ] 

National Focal Points of Treaty

Significant correspondence is addressed to Contracting Parties. To facilitate the rapid distribution of such correspondence to the relevant officials in Contracting Parties, such Parties are invited to nominate a National Focal Point to which correspondence should be addressed. Names and contact details of National Focal Points are made available through this Portal.

The contact information for the Focal Points (name, title, mail address, e-mail and telephone numbers) should be sent to the Secretary of the Treaty. This information will be made available through this Portal, in order to facilitate communication between Contracting Parties. Should a Contracting Party not wish such information to be made public, they are requested to so inform the Secretariat.

Contracting Parties can inform the Secretariat of the change of the national at any given time. A message can be sent from the email account of the former NFP, from their Permanent Representation of the Contracting Party to FAO or from the FAO Office in the country. The Contracting Party can also send a letter from the national competent authority to pgrfa-treaty@fao.org.  The Contracting Party can nominate both an individual and an office and provide one or more emails addresses that will be added to the official distribution list for the dispatch of notifications and important communications.

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