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1976 年,由第十届食品法典委员会于 1974 年设立的拉丁美洲协调委员会在罗马举行了第一次会议,该地区的八个国家出席了会议。在该委员会第三届会议上,有人提议将委员会的名称更改为目前的形式(拉丁美洲和加勒比地区协调委员会),因为这样可以更好地反映该地区的成员组成。代表食品法典委员会行事的执行委员会在 1984 年的第 31 届会议上同意了这一变更。



厄瓜多尔担任协调员,协调员设在附属于农业和畜牧业部的机构 AGROCALIDAD。协调员的目标是在该地区的各国之间建立协同作用,相互支持以解决地区性问题,并研究应对共同挑战的解决方案。




World Food Safety Day in Colombia: Webinar and influencer promoting good food safety practices

Colombia celebrated World Food Safety Day 2023 with a webinar and a video by a famous young farmer to promote "Food safety is everyone's business". Almost one hundred people attended the event online on 7 June 2023, and the influencer reached over 637 000 followers on Instagram. “During the webinar, we discussed myths and truth about food safety, the importance of good farming and good agriculture practices, sanitary regulations in Colombia, the five keys to safer food, and international projects in [...]
13 July 2023

The Plurinational State of Bolivia celebrates World Food Safety Day with high-level event, food fairs, and plays for children

More than a hundred people attended a high-level World Food Safety Day 2023 event at the Ministry of Rural Development and Lands in La Paz, the Plurinational State of Bolivia, on 7 June 2023. The participants stressed the importance of food production following international standards and continuing activities such as raising awareness among producers, food processors, and consumers. Moreover, a food fair exhibited products from twelve different producers, and there were plays for children highlighting the five keys to safer [...]
13 July 2023

Peru celebrates Codex 60th anniversary

In April 2023 the Peruvian General Directorate of Environmental Health and Food Safety - DIGESA, organized a ceremony and conferences the celebrate the 60th anniversary of Codex. Staff at DIGESA celebrate the Codex 60th anniversary in Peru. Those taking part included Jorge Villena Chávez, former Director General of DIGESA, who initiated Codex work in Peru and was also their first national Codex Chairperson.   Learn more about the event (Spanish) Photo credit Main photo Jorge Villena Chávez with Libia Carlota Liza Quesquén from the Codex Contact [...]
06 July 2023

Peruvians receive a World Food Safety Day education … and walk for food standards

The Ministry of Health of Peru (MINSA), through the General Directorate of Environmental Health and Food Safety (DIGESA) and in conjunction with the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation, through the National Agrarian Health Service of Peru (SENASA) as well as the Ministry of Production, through the National Agency for Fisheries Health (SANIPES) organized an "Educational Day for World Food Safety Day in Peru" in June. The virtual event took place via the Zoom Platform and was aimed at the [...]
06 July 2023

Staff at soft drinks facility in Chile celebrate World Food Safety Day

A soft drinks bottling facility, Coca Cola Andina Renca Embotelladora, celebrated World Food Safety Day this year. Events were aimed at all staff at the facility in order to raise awareness of the importance of safety to operators and in order to continue manufacturing for the benefit of consumers. See some of the event photos in the World Food Safety Day Flickr album   Photo © Coca Cola Andina Renca
03 July 2023

World Food Safety Day in Latin America and the Caribbean / Webinar on food standards, drawing competition

Over 600 people inLatin America and the Caribbean learned more about food safety at the webinar “Food standards save lives” on 5 and 6 June 2023. In addition, there was a drawing competition to showcase the significance of this topic. “The implementation of food standards is essential to reduce foodborne illnesses, protect people's health and contribute to food and nutrition security. Standards help different sectors to improve their performance in terms of food safety, process traceability, and the transparent exchange of [...]
29 June 2023

Avocado packers in Mexico hold World Food Safety Day forum

The Asociación de Productores y Empacadores Exportadores de Aguacate de México – or Association of Producers and Packers Exporters of Avocado of Mexico (APEAM) held a World Food Safety Day forum this year, in collaboration with its associates and collaborators within the value chain. The event took place over two days: on 6 June in a virtual format, and 7 June in a face-to-face format. With more than 600 attendees, this event raised the awareness of the participants about the importance [...]
29 June 2023

Fun and food safety training for avocado packing staff in Peru on World Food Safety Day

The Avocado Packing Company S.A.C. celebrated World food Safety Day this year with the motto: "Food standards save lives". Celebrations consisted of distributing different World Food Safety Day flyers to the corporate emails of company staff, and a staff quiz. The quiz involved playing "three in a row", answering questions related to food safety, completing a line of three and winning and playing. As a prize for the correct answers, staff were given various prizes. The questions were prepared according to [...]
28 June 2023

El Salvador holds a sports run for World Food Safety Day

The Salvadoran Agency for Technical Regulation (OSARTEC), an institution that is part of the National Quality Council, is responsible for raising awareness about Codex Alimentarius standards in El Salvador, and how they protect the health of Salvadorans. On World Food Safety Day, OSARTEC celebrated its 2nd edition of a World Food Safety Day sports race and this year, combined the observance with celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, with the support of the International Regional Organization for [...]
27 June 2023

Guatemala celebrates World Food Safety Day

Guatemala joined the global celebrations of World Food Safety Day 2023 with the motto "Food standards save lives". The event, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food (MAGA), was aimed at raising awareness among the population about the importance of risk prevention, detection and management through food safety. The Vice-Minister of Agricultural Health and Regulations (VISAR), Víctor Hugo Guzmán, said that the work carried out to date allows for highly effective official controls on food, thus contributing to the [...]
21 June 2023

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