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Codex food hygiene meeting opens in San Diego

The 53rd session of the Codex Committee on Food Hygiene, hosted by the United States of America opened in San Diego, California on 27 November 2022, with over 200 participants from 63 countries registered to take part. The keynote address was given by Linda J Harris, Professor of Cooperative Extension in Microbial Food Safety, Food Science and Technology at the University of California, Davis. Linking the realities of water scarcity and foodborne outbreaks in the United States to the work of [...]
30 November 2022

CODEX – a year in transition, magazine launch

The latest edition of the Codex magazine has been published to coincide with the 43rd Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC45) taking place from 21-25 November 2022 in Rome. CODEX – a year in transition, tells the story of the core activities that take place between one Commission and the next and that lead to CAC45 being able to set over 20 standards protecting consumer health and facilitating trade. Contributions from all regions, all committees and all the people in the Codex world make [...]
25 November 2022

New eLearning course: Master the foundations of Codex on any digital device

Food production, processing and trading technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Consequently the Codex Alimentarius Commission is expanding its set of standards to ensure that consumer health remains protected, while practices in the trade of food are fair. Today FAO/WHO are announcing the launch of a completely new series of multilingual eLearning courses on Codex accessible free of charge online and in downloadable format. “The new courses have been meticulously developed to make sure we a have an up to [...]
24 November 2022

Codex votes but zilpaterol remains unresolved

The 45th Codex Alimentarius Commission has agreed by a vote to adopt the maximum residue limits (MRLs) for zilpaterol, a veterinary drug used to enhance growth performance in cattle, at Step 5 in the Codex process for developing food safety standards. The Commission did not agree, also by a vote, to change its rules for this session and allow for the work to advance directly to the final Step 8  which would have paved the way for CAC45 to consider final [...]
23 November 2022

CAC45 opens in FAO / QU Dongyu: science and data play a crucial role in setting standards

Over 350 online delegates joined nearly 400 returning to FAO for a physical session for the first time in three years as the 45th Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC45) opened on 21 November 2022. QU Dongyu Director-General of FAO, welcomed participants and underlined how rapidly advancing technology has made hybrid meetings such as CAC45 possible in full transparency, ensuring no one is left behind. Science and data play a crucial role in the work of the Codex standard-setting body, he said, also making reference to the [...]
21 November 2022

CAC45 / Steve Wearne outlines conduct of discussions on zilpaterol

The Chairperson of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, Steve Wearne, United Kingdom, in consultation with the Vice-Chairpersons and the Codex Secretariat has published a letter to Codex Members and Observers outlining how he intends to conduct discussions on whether the Commssion should establish maximum residue limits for zilpaterol, a veterinary drug used to enhance growth performance in cattle, at the 45th Codex Alimentarius Commssion which begins at FAO HQ in Rome, Italy on Monday 21 November 2022. CAC45 / a new format and [...]
19 November 2022

CAC45 / a new format and a key decision to be made

The 45th Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC45) is less than two weeks away and it may be one of the most interesting gatherings in recent times. It will be the first physical meeting of CAC in 3 years and the first ever that has the option for virtual attendance – a major challenge for us in the Codex Secretariat. In addition, there is a huge interest in the Codex family to see how we can move forward on the MRLs for [...]
15 November 2022

Codex Executive Committee opens in Rome after two years of virtual meetings

Members gathered in a physical setting for the first time since 2020 for the opening of the 83rd Executive Committee of the Codex Alimentarius Commission being held in FAO HQ, Rome, Italy from 14-18 November 2022. Online delegates are also taking part ensuring full participation. FAO Chief Economist Maximo Torero FAO Chief Economist Maximo Torero welcomed delegates to the face-to-face environment which he described as “helpful when tackling the complex issues and negotiations” on their agenda. “I trust as a committee you [...]
14 November 2022

AMR Codex Texts (ACT) project welcomes national coordinators in Bolivia, Cambodia, Colombia and Nepal

The AMR Codex Texts (ACT) project now has national coordinators in Bolivia, Cambodia, Colombia and Nepal. Jorge Berrios (Bolivia), Ana Carrizosa (Colombia) and Sakar Shivakoti (Nepal) are veterinarians with extensive experience in health management and inter-institutional coordination. Pisey Oum (Cambodia) brings his knowledge in biosafety, biotechnology and food assessment from different UN organizations.  “We need to know more in-depth about the current situation of the use of antimicrobials in Bolivia. This will allow us to plan better the actions in reducing [...]
11 November 2022


世界食品安全日每年都在扩展,今年也不例外。2022年的庆祝活动在至少109个国家举办了450余场活动,世界食品安全日标签在推特上的曝光量超过8亿次,表明了全世界对世界粮食安全日的认识与日俱增。这些活动和社交媒体的参与放大了关于食品安全的关键信息,以及集体责任对于所有人的健康和福祉的重要性,显示了世界食品安全日对这一全球重大问题产生影响的潜力。 读者现在可以在题为“2022年世界食品安全日图片和数字”的报告中,一睹为第四届世界食品安全日举行的诸多庆祝活动。这份长达8页的报告以六种联合国官方语言提供,包含来自世界各地的照片、粮农组织和世界卫生组织高级官员的视频信息链接,以及关于网络研讨会、会议、步行、视频等主题的信息。   下载报告   相关链接 您可以在世界食品安全日网站上阅读有关不同活动的深入信息 来自世界各地的照片请见2022年世界食品安全日相册      
26 October 2022
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