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First #linkedinlive on World Food Safety Day


A day where the focus of attention on LinkedIn will be food safety.

From LinkedIn and YouTube live broadcast of brief interventions by professionals related to food safety.

From Nicaragua, Spain, Ecuador, Brazil, France, Colombia, the United States and other countries, food safety will be discussed.

Date: 7 June 2020
Time: 16:00 - 20:00 (Madrid time)
Access from Linkedin:
Access from Youtube:

  • A day of everyone for everyone. On 7 June we will voice food safety.
  • A day where everyone will be the same, there will be no keynote presentations, there will be no great companies, there will be no great institutions.
  • There will be people.
  • A day where financial resources will not be limiting when it comes to participating.
  • Only ideas are needed.
  • A day to be all one.

Speakers include:

Margarita Corrales, Arantxa Hernández, Darío Posso, Bruno Sechet, Fernando Sampedro, Mario Sánchez, Beatriz Robles Martínez, Miguel Ángel Granado, Fernando Del Pino Morales, Miguel Mateo Ceballos, Andrés García, Javier Ruiz, Gemma Trigueros, Joaquín González, Marian Alonso- Cuts. Jon Basagoiti, Beatriz García, Billy Blanco, Celia Lucía Argüello, Alvaro Gómez, Janeth Luna, among others.