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Tanzania World Food Safety Day webinar “The Essence of Improving Food Safety”


The National Quality Association of Tanzania (NQAT) has issued an invitation for a series of webinars with the World Food Safety Day theme of “Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow.” During the webinars, prominent industry leaders and professionals will share their experiences -including challenges, opportunities and success stories - relating to the domain of food quality.

The webinars will offer practical insights on how to improve food safety, with the aim of promoting quality awareness and knowledge in industry, commerce, services and the general public.

According to the NQAT, in realizing this year’s theme, “participation in this webinar is an opportunity to strengthen efforts to ensure that the food we eat is safe, that mainstream food safety is on the public agenda and that the burden of foodborne diseases is reduced.”

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Date and time:

9 June, 11:00 (08:00 GMT)