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Students in Morocco organize conference for World Food Safety Day


The Club Agroalimentaire of the Faculté des Sciences et Techniques de Tanger organized a World Food Safety Day event this year, in collaboration with the Biotechnology and Biomolecule Engineering Research Team (ERBGB) at the university.

The event was a conference under the theme "Safe food for better health" and was held in the presence of agrifood specialists and researchers. As part of the proceedings, a ‘letter of encouragement’ from Markus Lipp, Senior Food Safety Officer at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), was read to organizers and participants. In the letter, Lipp said:

“World Food Safety Day is about organizing activities, educating people, sharing information that perhaps they didn’t know. It’s also a moment to recognize our achievements and the progress we have made. That includes you at the Faculté des Sciences et Techniques de Tanger – students and staff.”