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CCLAC22 / Quito meeting an opportunity to address pressing food safety topics


At the FAO/WHO Regional Coordinating Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean (CCLAC), which gets underway from Quito, Ecuador on Monday 24 October 2022, the Chairperson of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, Steve Wearne, United Kingdom, will describe how the Codex strategic plan continues to inform Codex responses to the new opportunities and challenges that are posed by an ever-changing operating environment. 

With the first strategic goal addressing current, emerging and critical issues as identified by Codex Members, each of the six regional committees come together to discuss their most pressing food safety topics, sharing perspectives and catalyzing action. 

At CCLAC the topic for the keynote address is “new technologies in the agri-food chain” which Wearne hopes will spark a productive discussion that helps to identify how Codex can best respond to issues for food safety and trade that technologies, old and new, might generate.


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All working documents available on the CCLAC22 web pages

Photo credit © FAO/Di Chiera

Staff from CCLAC Secretariat with FAO/WHO and Codex Secretariat in Quito, Ecuador