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Related Information Documents

Related documents

Committee Title Uploaded EN FR ES AR ZH RU
CCSCH Glossary of Terms for SCH Standards 31/05/2024
CCPR Options for Efficient Data Support that Could Be Addressed by Codex, FAO/WHO, JMPR, Governments And Industry to further Assist Countries in Implementing the Management Approach on Unsupported Compounds Without Public Health Concern Scheduled for Periodic R 21/05/2024
CCMAS Criteria Approaches for Methods which Use a ‘Sum of Components’ 08/01/2024
CCMAS Comprehensive guidance for the process of submission, consideration and endorsement of methods for inclusion in CXS 234 08/01/2024
CCASIA The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for CCASIA 08/03/2023
CCFO New work proposals for CCFO 08/03/2023
CCFA Guideline on avoiding future divergence of food additive provisions in the GSFA with Commodity Standards 09/05/2022
CCFA Information document/table on INS for deleted and re-used numbers 09/05/2022
CCFFV The proposed layout for standards for fresh fruits and vegetables 09/05/2022
CCFFV Definition of terms for application in the layout for codex standards for fresh fruits and vegetables 09/05/2022
CCNFSDU CCNFSDU framework for appraising the technological need for food additives 22/04/2020
CCFA Guidance to Commodity Committees on the Alignment of Food Additive Provisions 23/04/2019
CCNFSDU Derivation of Nutrient Reference Values- Requirements (NRVs-R) for Labelling Purposes in the Guidelines on Nutrition Labelling (CXG 2-1985) 30/11/2017
CCFH Process by which the Codex Committee on Food Hygiene (CCFH) will undertake its work 30/11/2017
CCMAS Practical Examples of Sampling Plans 23/11/2017
CCCF Guidance for Risk Management Options in Light of Different Risk Assessment Outcomes 28/05/2015
CCPR Application of the Guidance to Facilitate the Establishment of MRLs for Pesticides for Minor Crops 28/05/2015