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Codex Regional Meeting begins in Chile


These meetings provide an incredibly important opportunity for dynamic discussion on major and emerging food safety and quality issues facing the region.

Dr Kazuaki Miyagishima - WHO

The 20th meeting of the Codex Regional Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean (CCLAC) began today in Viña del Mar, Chile. Nearly 100 delegates from the 33 countries in the region are attending as well as Codex representatives from Canada, Switzerland and the United States.

Codex Regions

There are six Codex regions each represented by a joint FAO/WHO Regional Coordinating Committee.They meet every two years. Each committee is responsible for defining the problems and needs of the region concerning food standards and food control. By working collectively at the regional level countries are able to highlight regulatory issues and problems arising from food control in order to strengthen food control infrastructures.

Welcoming delegates, Claudio Gonzalez Ternicier, Chilean Vice Minister of Agriculture, reminded those present of the dual role of Codex: to protect the health of consumers and ensure fair practices in food trade. Vice Minister Ternicier also highlighted the great challenges posed to agriculture by climate change and the need to feed an entire population with food that is safe and of good quality.

Minister of Health, Carmen Castillo, spoke of the need for work in Codex "to deal with new challenges, such as the spread of new diseases, to improve food safety".

No food safety without food standards

Ms Eve Crowley, FAO Deputy Regional Representative for Latin America and the Caribbean and FAO Representative in Chile highlighted to delegates the importance of Codex work, both in guaranteeing food safety through Codex standards and health and safety for all by adressing antimicrobial resistance.

The Codex Alimentarius Chairperson, Mrs Awilo Ochieng Pernet, spoke of the opportunity that the meeting presented to raise awareness about climate change in the region.

Keynote speaker Dr. Hugo Fragoso, Director General of Agrifood Safety, Aquaculture and Fisheries (SENASICA) and a leading expert in Mexico on food safety said: "we need Codex to ensure cooperation among countries and compliance in foodsafety" and he underlined the need for "resources to ensure food safety and food security, and new tools to facilitate communication between stakeholders".

Codex and food safety in the region

The week-long meeting will discuss the food safety and food quality situation in countries of the region and also explore the prioritization needs of the region regarding these issues as well as the use of Codex standards and the need for new regional standards.


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