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The CCASIA Region - Regional Coordinator China

The Coordinating Committee for Asia was established at the 11th Meeting of the Codex Alimentarius Commission held in Rome, Italy, in July 1976. Its first meeting was held in New Delhi (India) in January 1977.

The regional coordinator operates from within the China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment.

China’s main priorities as coordinator include enhancing participation in Codex meetings, supporting the prioritization of Codex work in the region, improving harmonization of food safety standards and accelerating the revitalization of the coordinating committee by sharing information and providing regular updates on food safety issues within the region.

China also wishes to promote collaboration with observer organizations and improve efficient and effective communication between regional members FAO, WHO, and the Codex Secretariat.



Japan World Food Safety Day set for 10 June

Japan’s Food Safety Day 2021 will be held online on 10 June, hosted by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Japan local group. The 4-hour seminar will be dedicated to “thinking about the safety of food and the benefits it brings.” There will be four parts to the event, which will include presentations and discussion. The first part will explore the recent updates to the key Codex text on the General Principles of Food Hygiene and related HACCP guidelines, with a talk [...]
10 June 2021

Kerala event in India to offer virtual creative competitions for World Food Safety Day

In India, the Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (KVASU), the College of Food technology, Thumburmuzhy and the Thrissur Chapter of the Association of Food Scientists & Technologists (India) have teamed up to run a series of competitions to “help in the proliferation of ideas and actions that foster the creation of safe and healthy food for a better tomorrow.”The initiative is called “FOODSALVATIO' 21” and will take place virtually on World Food Safety Day, 7 June and will include: a [...]
07 June 2021

Virtual student seminar in India will discuss safe food now for a healthy tomorrow

The Centre for Quality and Food Safety (CQFS), New Delhi, India has teamed up with Sharda University in Delhi to celebrate World Food Safety Day with a virtual seminar targeted towards students throughout India. The seminar is entitled “safe food now for a healthy tomorrow.” The winner of an e-poster competition that has been running will also be announced during this event. The seminar will be broken up into a morning and evening session, each with two speakers: Morning: Dr Shyamal Kumar Banerjee, [...]
07 June 2021

YPARD Nepal celebrates World Food Safety Day with a photo contest

Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD), Nepal announced an online “World Food Safety Photo Contest 2021" with the global theme "Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow". The contest will run from June 7, 2021, to July 7, 2021, where the winner of the photo contest will be announced. The aim of the contest is to draw the youth’s attention to the current food safety scenario and come up with a better view of visualizing strength, potential contribution, and challenges on stabilizing [...]
07 June 2021

India’s Confederation of Indian Industry to address poultry-related issues for World Food Safety Day

The Food and Agriculture Centre of Excellence at the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) will concentrate on poultry for this year’s World Food Safety Day. In collaboration with the multi stakeholder initiative, Surakshit Khadya Abhiyan (SKA), the CII will run two digital training events aimed at the prevention and control of avian influenza and COVID19, by “addressing the myths and concerns related to food safety of poultry products while also controlling and preventing its spread.”  The morning session is aimed at food business operators, specifically poultry [...]
07 June 2021

Progress, harmony and development group in India will host World Food Safety Day webinar

India’s ‘Progress, Harmony and Development’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHD CCI), which is based in New Delhi, will host a 6-hour ‘virtual celebration’ of World Food Safety Day on 7 June. With sponsorship from a wide range of private sector parties, the event will explore a number of important food safety issues within the food industry, with an emphasis on the promotion of industry, trade and entrepreneurship. Date and time: 7 June at 11:00-17:00 (GMT+5:30) Language: English   Read more
07 June 2021

Bangladesh Food Safety Foundation will be ‘united for safer food’ on World Food Safety Day

The Bangladesh Food Safety Foundation (BFSF) will be holding an online event on 7 June to promote food safety and access to safer food for all in Bangladesh. An inaugural meeting will take place on zoom in which food safety experts will discuss food safety and quality management procedures and introduce the theme of World Food Safety Day 2021. A discussion meeting on “Responsibilities of different stakeholders in ensuring production and delivery of safer food for all” will be followed by an [...]
07 June 2021

The Food Safety Commission of Japan plans World Food Safety Day Kids Box revamp

For fans of the Food Safety Commission of Japan’s (FSCJ) Kids Box feature, standby for a revamp! The FSJC is planning to introduce new characters to mark World Food Safety Day, so check them out on 7 June at: Kids Box introduces young people to different food safety concepts and gives them age-appropriate information on subjects like allergies, food poisoning and food preservation. The FSCJ Chairperson will has also prepared a video address that will be available on the organization’s Youtube channel:   [...]
06 June 2021

Philippines Food Safety Academy to hold a month of food safety webinars

FoodSHAP, the Food Safety and Hygiene Academy of the Philippines, has organized free Food Safety Webinars for the whole month of June, which are aimed at “consumers at home, in school, and in the tourism and hospitality industry.” Starting on World Food Safety Day itself, there will be four webinars in total, covering arrange of subjects connected to some of the World Food Safety Day calls to action:   7 June  Keep it Safe: Food Business Operators Best Practices to Food Safety with speakers [...]
06 June 2021

China to run a wide-ranging food safety week across the nation

The Chinese government has announced plans to conduct a full range of food safety activities at national and local levels across a whole “food safety promotion week” of fora, lectures and activities. The events, starting on 8 June, will be conducted under the theme “Advocating Thrift and Believing, Guarding Chinese Food under the Sunshine.” The events will explore a variety of topics and approaches, with education and technology playing a central role in many initiatives. National level events include the 12th [...]
04 June 2021
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