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GFSI-led webinar opens the door to 2021 World Food Safety Day celebrations

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and Codex Alimentarius Commission Secretariat gathered online for a conversation that centred on public-private partnerships, a form of collaboration that is essential to securing food safety globally. Erica Sheward, GFSI Director, set the stage for the 11 March 2021 webinar called “How the Public and Private Sectors are Teaming Up for Safe Food for a Healthy Tomorrow” by explaining [...]
11 March 2021

Poland first out of the blocks in support of World Food Safety Day

With remarkable speed the Polish Agricultural and Food Quality Inspectorate has already launched its awareness raising campaign as the world gears up for the 2021 World Food Safety Day on 7 June. Writing on their official website and on social media following the launch of the campaign on 18 February 2021, Poland encourages all its citizens to follow the events surrounding the UN Day and engage with others to celebrate “safe food now for a healthy tomorrow”, the theme of this [...]
25 February 2021

غذاء آمن اليوم لغدٍ مفعم بالصحة

أطلقت نشرة إخبارية صدرت بتاريخ 18 شباط/ فبراير على قناة هيئة الدستور الغذائي على تويتر، وعلى موقع لنكد إن لمنظمة الأغذية والزراعة، وعلى قنوات اليوتيوب حملة اليوم العالمي لسلامة الأغذية لعام 2021 تحت شعار "غذاء آمن اليوم لغدٍ مفعم بالصحة". إن هذا اليوم الذي يكتسب زخما عالميا مع اقتراب الذكرى السنوية الثالثة لإطلاقه يدعو الحكومات وجميع العاملين في مجال الأغذية والمستهلكين إلى اتخاذ الإجراءات اللازمة. ضمان سلامة الأغذية – يجب على الحكومات ضمان أغذية آمنة ومغذية للجميع. توخي السلامة في زراعة الأغذية – [...]
19 February 2021

#اليوم العالمي لسلامة الأغذية 2021 / تابعوا إطلاق الحملة، 18 شباط/ فبراير، الساعة 15:00 بتوقيت وسط أوروبا.

سيتم إطلاق حملة اليوم العالمي لسلامة الأغذية لعام 2021 في 18 شباط/ فبراير، الساعة 15:00 بتوقيت وسط أوروبا مع إعلان موضوع الاحتفال لهذا العام. وسيكون هناك نشرة إخبارية تتضمن مساهمات من منظمة الأغذية والزراعة، ومنظمة الصحة العالمية، وأمانات هيئة الدستور الغذائي، والشبكة الدولية للسلطات المعنية بالسلامة الغذائية، بالإضافة إلى ضيوف من جميع أنحاء العالم، وستناقش النشرة سبب كون سلامة الأغذية مسألة تهم الجميع وتُمهّد الطريق للاحتفال بالمرة الثالثة بهذا اليوم الدولي في 7 حزيران/ يونيو، 2021. وسيتم بث نشرة الأخبار (باللغة [...]
16 February 2021

An inspiring overview of World Food Safety Day 2020

At today’s opening of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced the release of a new report about World Food Safety Day 2020. “Under the theme ‘Food safety, everyone’s business’, the WHO-led event focused on building and maintaining safe food in marketplaces,” he said, referring to the UN Day while holding up a copy of the report for participants to see. The report, World Food Safety Day 2020 - Overview of an inspiring virtual celebration, offers a [...]
24 September 2020

Teaming up for Food Safety with the Global Food Safety Initiative

In the two short years since the World Food Safety Day was created, we have already seen the engagement and momentum that this campaign can garner from all corners of the industry and around the world. Food safety truly is everyone’s business, and it is heartening to see WFSD participation from the private sector and public sector alike. At the end of the day, we are all consumers and can all join forces behind the vision of safe food for [...]
21 September 2020

Food Safety Campaign in Rwanda

This year’s World Food Safety Day’s theme was Food Safety Everyone’s Business. The Authority adopted this theme to conduct a campaign on food safety. Several health reports indicate that there has been arise in the number of food borne illnesses globally, this campaign is therefore aimed at raising awareness on the risks people are exposed to through consuming unsafe food. It is also to boost safety measures for consumption of food among the general public, detecting and managing of food [...]
13 August 2020

Sichuan Agricultural University students share news of food safety in a variety of ways

To celebrate World Food Safety Day (WFSD) in 2020, the Sichuan Agricultural University made a video combining their education and research on food safety with the WFSD theme, introducing the importance of basic education on food safety. The knowledge would be leveraged to promote greater awareness of food safety among more people. The university students also published a video on WeChat to reach an even wider audience, and help spread the news about WSFD and raise public awareness of food safety. [...]
20 July 2020

Food safety is an issue of concern to all in Qatar

The Ministry of Public Health of Qatar organized a series of initiatives in celebration of World Food Safety Day that made news headlines in June 2020. During a webinar a draft Arab food safety policy was presented. The Arab Food Safety Team of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States had tasked Qatar with preparing the initial draft, which is ‘to provide the technical basis for joint coordination and standardization of procedures among the competent authorities in the [...]
08 July 2020

Peruvian organizations team up to promote food safety in support of hospitality and restaurant sector

In observance of World Food Safety Day, the Sociedad de Inteligencia Competitiva and Le Cordon Bleu University, both based in Peru, carried out awareness-raising activities in June 2020 to promote food safety, and enhance human development as well as the competitiveness of the country. The activities culminated on 24 June (Farmers’ Day) with a virtual forum called "Food Safety, Everyone’s Business", like the 2020 global campaign theme, for which more than 750 people registered including private sector representatives, researchers, government [...]
07 July 2020
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