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Codex food additives working group faces the challenge of virtual meetings

The Codex Committee on Food Additives (CCFA) traditionally holds a week of working groups before its plenary meeting. These technical sessions ensure that one of the core Codex texts, the General Standard for Food Additives (GFSA) is up-to-date in describing the conditions under which food additives may be used in foods and that the additives provisions of the commodity standards align with it, making the GSFA the single reference point for food additives in the Codex Alimentarius. The group met virtually [...]
29 June 2021

Italy’s UNPISI hosts World Food Safety Day webinar

On 7 June the National Union of Health Inspection Personnel of Italy (UNPISI) held a World Food Safety Day webinar entitled "Cyber Food Controls: the new frontiers of official control." The webinar was moderated by Giovanni Rossi, the President of UNPISI. The speakers were lawyer, Pasquale Iodice and Maurizio Martinelli, a food hygiene instructor. The objective of the webinar was to analyze the regulation of the online sale of products intended for human consumption, with particular reference to food operators and [...]
29 June 2021

Singapore Food Agency video highlights how food safety is everyone's business

Low Li Ping Singapore Food Agency In conjunction with World Food Safety Day on June 7, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) worked with the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE) on a video project to raise awareness of our science-based and risk management approach to ensuring food safety in Singapore. The video also highlights how food safety is “everyone’s business”, which is the theme for the year’s World Food Safety Day.  The video featured scientists from SFA’s National Centre for Food Science (NCFS), who shared more about our [...]
28 June 2021

UNACHI holds World Food Safety Day conference on food safety in chemical sciences

At the Autonomous University of Chiriqui in Panama (UNACHI), the Faculty of Natural and Exact Sciences hosted a full day’s World Food Safety Day conference for their Masters’ Program in Chemical Sciences (which has an emphasis on food safety). The conference on “Chemical Residues in Food and their Impact on Food Safety” took place on 7 June and included an international line up of expert speakers. The conference was opened by the dean of the Faculty of Natural and Exact Sciences, [...]
28 June 2021

Ireland launches “What does food safety mean to you?” campaign on Twitter

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) launched a food safety awareness campaign on Twitter in the occasion of the World Food Safety Day. Starting on May 31, the campaign highlighted quotes from a variety of stakeholders who answered the question “What does food safety mean to you?” “Food safety is the building blocks for what makes our world-class and pioneering sector so great,” said Charlie McConalogue TD., Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine. “From our committed farmers to our [...]
28 June 2021

Avocado packing staff in Peru test their food safety knowledge for World Food Safety Day

The Avocado Packing Company, an agribusiness company that packs fresh fruits such as avocado, mango and blueberry, located in Chao La Libertad, Peru, celebrate World Food Safety Day under the theme "Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow." The celebration consisted of sending different flyers about the Day and theme. Staff were invited to participate in the “Knowledge Bingo”, which was organized to test them on the food safety knowledge they had been trained in over the year. Prizes included [...]
28 June 2021

Nicaragua celebrates food safety at health centres and other venues across the country

For World Food Safety Day 2021, the competent authorities in food safety of Nicaragua carried out different activities such as: creating murals, holding talks, visiting food retail outlets, producing posters and a video to highlight the importance of food safety, all under the theme "Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow". It should be noted that the competent authorities in matters of food safety lead the national work of INFOSAN and the Codex Alimentarius, for which guidelines were implemented and [...]
25 June 2021

South Africa’s SAAFoST presented a webinar to mark World Food Safety Day 2021

On 2 June 2021 the South African Association for Food Science and Technology (SAAFoST) held a lunchtime webinar for its members and any other interested parties to mark World Food Safety Day 2021. There were three guest speakers with fascinating presentations all congruent with the theme “Safe Food Now for a Healthy Tomorrow”. The webinar was opened by Mr Malose Daniel Matlala, Deputy Director at the National Department of Health and the National Codex Contact Point for South Africa. The [...]
23 June 2021

India’s Arjuna Natural spices company marks World Food Safety Day with employee training

The Indian botanical extract manufacturer, Arjuna Natural, took the opportunity of World Food Safety Day to train its staff in food safety and quality analysis.  Special training sessions were based on the theme ‘Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow’ and were geared towards greater awareness of the significance of food safety and healthy living. Live discussions on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Food Safety and Quality Analysis Mechanisms were conducted. “Safe food for everyone, every time, has always been our priority in [...]
22 June 2021

GFSI hosts World Food Safety Day discussion on ‘a healthy tomorrow’

Anne Gerardi, Senior Manager at the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), held a virtual discussion with food safety experts on 7 June to mark World Food Safety Day. She spoke with Wai-Chan Chan, Managing Director at the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), Maria Montosa, an environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) analyst at the FAIRR Initiative, and Suresh Mistry, Co-Founder and Head of ESG for Alquity. The FAIRR Initiative is “a collaborative investor network that raises awareness of the environmental, social and [...]
22 June 2021