Traité international sur les ressources phytogénétiques pour l'alimentation et l'agriculture

Eleventh meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Funding Strategy and Resource Mobilization (Special Event on 7 May PM)

07/05/2019 to 10/05/2019

Italy (Rome)

Documents de travail

» IT/GB-8/ACFSRM-11/19/1
Draft Provisional Agenda
» IT/GB-8/ACFSRM-11/19/2
Updated Funding Strategy
» IT/GB-8/ACFSRM-11/19/2 Add.1
Annex 1 - Operations manual: Fund for agreed purposes
» IT/GB-8/ACFSRM-11/19/2 Add.2
Annex 2 - Operations manual: Benefit-sharing Fund
» IT/GB-8/ACFSRM-11/19/2 Add.4
Appendix I: Results Framework
» IT/GB-8/ACFSRM-11/19/2 Add.5
Appendix II: Summary of the methodology for target setting
» IT/GB-8/ACFSRM-11/19/2 Add.6
Provisionally populated matrix of funding tools
» IT/GB-8/ACFSRM-11/19/3
Draft Terms of Reference for a potential Standing Committee on the Funding Strategy and Resource Mobilization
» IT/GB-8/ACFSRM-11/19/4
Measures to promote the delivery of non-monetary benefit-sharing through the Funding Strategy
» IT/GB-8/ACFSRM-11/19/5
Funding Strategy Target Setting: cost based methodology
» IT/GB-8/ACFSRM-11/19/6
Elements for a draft Resolution **/2019 - Implementation of the updated Funding Strategy of the International Treaty 2020-2025

Documents d'information

» IT/GB-8/ACFSRM-11/19/Inf.1 Rev.1
List of Documents
» IT/GB-8/ACFSRM-11/19/Inf.2
Note for Participants
» IT/GB-8/ACFSRM-11/19/Inf.3
Compilation of Submissions received on information on bilateral programmes and funding for national and regional PGRFA activities
» IT/GB-8/ACFSRM-11/19/Inf.4
Report on progress: Funding Strategy Matrix of funding tools analysis
» IT/GB-8/ACFSRM-11/19/Inf.6
Report of the Third Meeting of the Compliance Commitee
» IT/GB-8/ACFSRM-11/19/Inf.7
Global Plan of Action for Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture - Priorities, Implementation and Monitoring


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» IT/GB-8/ACFSRM-11/19/Report


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