Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics


Following an in-depth needs analysis through bilateral consultations organized between FAO and the Angola’s counterparts responsible for producing and using agricultural statistics, and based on the information collected through a questionnaire prepared by FAO and completed by the national agricultural statistical team, the following activities, planned for the period 2021-2023, are implemented in Angola with the aim to fill gaps in different levels of technical expertise and capacities.

  • Technical support in updating the country SPARS;
  • Participation in the scholarship programme;
  • Basic training in agricultural statistics;
  • Support in preparing survey tools for agricultural production surveys;
  • Technical assistance in developing, using and maintaining a cost-effective Master Sampling Frame (MSF) to implement integrated system of agricultural surveys;
  • Support in improving technical knowledge of statistical software for data analysis and dissemination;
  • Training and support to the country in developing, implementing, and maintaining CAPI-based surveys to improve data quality and cost-efficiency of agricultural survey.
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