Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics

The Second Phase of the Global Strategy: Putting in Practice the Skills Developed in the First Phase

The Second Global Action Plan endorsed by the Global Steering Committee in December 2018, lays down the foundation of the new architecture for the second phase of the project, which is aimed at transforming the investments made during the first phase into concrete capacity and increased data production and dissemination activities at country level.

The second phase of the Global Strategy is structured around the following principles, which guide the implementation:

  • Making use of the innovative statistical tools developed during the first phase;
  • Ensuring better quality data, addressing gaps in terms of skills and knowledge required to process data and informing and sensitizing policy-makers on how to read, interpret and use statistics;
  • Promoting innovative capacity development strategies using experience gained from the first phase and integrating new approaches to capacity development; 
  • Improving advocacy, communication and dissemination to build greater awareness of the activities and impact of the Global Strategy.

The second phase of the Global Strategy is implemented through four main areas of work: