Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics


Following an in-depth needs analysis through bilateral consultations organized between FAO and Liberia’s counterparts responsible for producing and using agricultural statistics, and based on the information collected through a questionnaire prepared by FAO and completed by the national agricultural statistical team, the following activities, planned for the period 2021-2024, are implemented in Liberia with the aim to fill gaps in different levels of technical expertise and capacities.

  • SPARS: Technical support in updating the country SPARS;
  • HR Policies: Support in evaluating and establishing adequate human resources policies that allow the national statistical units to operate appropriately;
  • Leadership and Communication: Strengthen leadership and communication skills;
  • Scholarship Programme: Participation in the scholarship programme;
  • Basic Training: Basic training in agricultural statistics;
  • AGPROD: Support in preparing survey tools for agricultural production surveys;
  • Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI): Training and support to the country in developing, implementing, and maintaining CAPI-based surveys to improve data quality and cost-efficiency of agricultural surveys.

In a strategic move to improve Liberia's agricultural data management, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) kickstarted a 10-day technical mission in collaboration with Liberia’s Technical Working Group (TWG). This partnership, which includes the Ministry of Agricu...


As part of the GSARSII technical assistance to Liberia, a technical workshop to design data collection tools for the agricultural production survey (AGPROD) was organized from November 20th to December 3rd, 2022.

The workshop was delivered by Nayo Ankouvi from FAO HQ in close collab...

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