Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics

First results on farm typology in Burkina Faso  presented to the key users


With the online assistance of the Global Strategy, Burkina Faso continued the work on the definition of the national farm typology after the first training in June 2022.

The farm types were defined using the four proposed dimensions: farm profile, farm size, commodity specialization and farm diversification and applied to the official agricultural statistical data on agricultural holdings. Some key indicators such as share of female holders, average agricultural area and livestock, the average value of agricultural production, etc. were calculated per farm type.

The discussed concepts and definitions, the tested calculation methods, and the obtained results were included in a methodological note which was presented and discussed during a restitution workshop (1 December 2022) with the key stakeholders, among which the Ministry of Agriculture (MARAH), National Statistical Institute (INSD), other ministries, state agencies and non-governmental organizations, identified as key data users.

For the institutions involved in the process of defining the national farm typology, it allowed identification gaps in the current statistical processes which led to introducing improvements in the survey instruments, and to planning better and more intense dissemination of collected data in the future. The users manifested high interest in the presented results and the need to have more data available by farm type.