Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics

GSARSII Enhances Statistical Dissemination Capacities in Burkina Faso


The Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics (GSARS) Phase II, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Resources, and Fisheries (MARAH) and its partners within the National Statistical System (NSS), including the National Agricultural Statistics System (NASS), has successfully completed a training workshop aimed at bolstering the statistical dissemination framework in Burkina Faso. The workshop, which took place from March 5th to 8th, 2024, was focused on enhancing the skills and knowledge necessary for the effective dissemination of agricultural statistics. 

The workshop, which was executed by Abdoulaye Ba, an ESS Statistician, emphasized the critical role of making statistical data accessible as a public good, highlighting the first principle of the United Nations Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics (UNFPOS). 

The intensive four-day session focused on statistical dissemination policies, the drafting and presentation of agricultural statistics, Open Data, interactive data portals, and microdata sharing programs. Participants engaged in practical applications, particularly on the 2023 Permanent Agricultural Survey (EPA), underlining the importance of sustainability in dissemination strategies and adopting a journalistic style in reporting to cater to the evolving reading habits and needs of different data users.   

The event saw the participation of 14 professionals from MARAH and the National Institute of Statistics and Demography (INSD), who delved into international frameworks for dissemination and explored national strategies to enhance visibility and accessibility of statistical data. The training was praised for its relevance to the participants' current roles, significantly improving their capability to present data through well-designed tables, graphs, and concise statistical notes.   

"The workshop has marked a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to enhance Burkina Faso's statistical dissemination capabilities. We are confident that the skills and insights gained will substantially contribute to the accessibility and utilization of agricultural statistics, informing policymaking and fostering development," stated Abdoulaye Ba, who led the workshop.