Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics

The Global Strategy supports statisticians in Ghana in the development of typology of agricultural holdings


FAO, through the Global Strategy, organizes a training on farm typology in Ghana, from 12 to 19 July 2022. The first session addresses larger public of producers and users of agricultural statistics in the country such as directorates of the Ministry of Agriculture (MOFA), National Statistical Institute (GSS), other ministries, state agencies and non-governmental organizations (Agricultural Extension Services, Ghana Cocoa Board, Women in Agricultural Development, CSIR, etc.). It aims at introducing the internationally recognized concepts and definitions for the classification of agricultural holdings into homogeneous groups while consulting the country experience and needs in the field of farm typology.

The second session aims at training agricultural statisticians and economists in the definitions and methods of calculation of the classification variables necessary for the determination of the farm types. The four farm typology dimensions: farm profile, size, specialisation and diversification will be presented in details and the methods of calculation of related classification variables will be explained, using the examples from the Guidelines for development of a classification system related to farm typology developed within Phase I of the Global strategy and applying the existing data of Ghana.

Finally, the team of statisticians will be trained to calculate the necessary variables using the existing data about agricultural holdings from the Agricultural Census 2016 – 2019 and from regular agricultural surveys afterwards.