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Координационный комитет Кодекса по странам Ближнего Востока (CCNE), региональный координатор – Иран

Первое заседание Координационного комитета для стран Ближнего Востока состоялось в 2001 г. В качестве координаторов для региона, включающего 17 членов, выступали такие страны как Египет, Иордания, Тунис и Ливан.

CCNE предоставляет своим членам возможность для коллективной работы над региональными и международными стандартами и обмена мнениями по вопросам, относящимся к Кодексу.

CCNE стремится к расширению участия стран региона в работе Кодекса путем укрепления региональных связей и содействия внедрению стандартов Кодекса, особенно с учетом региональной ситуации и потребностей.

Регион также предпринимает усилия, направленные на наращивание потенциала стран-членов в отношении оценки риска и на повышение возможностей координаторов Кодекса и национальных комитетов Кодекса применительно к выявлению и приоритизации проблем безопасности пищевых продуктов и препятствий для торговли.

Новости из региона

Developing national Codex capacity for Libya

32 members of the different regulatory authorities tasked with managing food safety in Libya, together with experts from academia, gathered in Tunis, Tunisa 4-6 February 2019 for a workshop on developing national Codex capacities. The project is part of the Arab Food Safety Initiative for Trade Facilitation, known as the SAFE project, under which FAO is providing technical support through collaboration with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). The Tunis workshop is part of a series that will train participants [...]
08 February 2019

Regional workshop to strengthen Codex work in Near East

Thirty-eight participants from Yemen, Sudan and Egypt are currently meeting in Cairo for a three-day workshop on Codex Alimentarius and its procedures. Organized by the SAFE Codex Initiative with the support of FAO and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), this training is part of the planned activities under the Codex Expert Working Group work plan, aimed at helping countries in the Arabic region define priorities on food safety and Codex. “Effective coordination and raising the level of Arab participation [...]
28 January 2019

It’s time for fixed definitions for food fraud and food integrity

We need a food supply system that produces safe food, produces nutritious food, and also produces authentic food, which is free of fraudulent activity. Dr Chris Elliot Food fraud is the intentional adulteration of food for financial gain. This can include deliberate substitution, dilution, counterfeiting, or misrepresentation of food, ingredients or packaging; or even false or misleading statements made about a product. All these examples of fraud can have a negative impact on the quality and safety aspects of foods. They can [...]
20 June 2017

Regional Meeting for Near East begins in Rome

The regional meetings provide an incredibly important opportunity for dynamic discussion on major and emerging food safety and quality issues facing the region. There are six Codex regions each represented by a joint FAO/WHO Regional Coordinating Committee (RCC).They meet every two years. Each committee is responsible for defining the problems and needs of the region concerning food standards and food control. By working collectively at the regional level countries are able to highlight regulatory issues and problems arising from food control [...]
15 May 2017

Codex filming in Lebanon

A camera crew from Flooded Cellar are currently in Lebanon making a video for Codex that looks at the relevance and importance of Codex standards, guidelines and codes of practices to the Near East region. The video will include interviews with government representatives, technicians from the national food safety committee, representatives from research and the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as those involved in food production, right along the food chain to restaurants and consumers. The video will examine Good Hygienic [...]
02 November 2015

Near East Committee guiding strategy and regional standards

The Eighth session of the FAO/WHO Coordinating Committee for the Near East (CCNEA) took place in FAO HQ Rome from 1-5 June. Regional coordinating committees are responsible for defining the problems and needs of the region concerning food standards and food control and are also tasked with developing regional standards for food products that move exclusively or almost exclusively in intra-regional trade. Chairperson Mrs Léna Dargham described the meeting as “an important forum to discuss regional concerns and challenges about [...]
12 May 2015

Координатор CCNE

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