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List of Information Documents

Guidance on information documents agreed by CCGP28 (2014) and endorsed by CAC37 (2014)

    i. It is recognised that there is the occasional need for Codex committees to make available information documents, however Codex committees should not deliberately develop such documents and these documents should be by-products of ongoing work of the Committee.

    ii. Documents are considered to be information documents if they:
    • Have been developed and agreed upon by a Codex committee;
    • Have been determined by the Committee to contain information that is useful to national governments and/or Codex members and observers and Codex Committees; and
    • Are not considered appropriate by the Committee to be adopted as a Codex standards, guidelines, or codes of practice or as recommendations for inclusion in the Procedural Manual.

    iii. Information documents will be made available on the Codex website of the relevant committee, clearly separated from official Codex documents and adopted texts.
Committee Title Reg. deadline EN FR ES AR ZH RU
CCCF Guidance for Risk Management Options in Light of Different Risk Assessment Outcomes 28/05/2015
Directives pour les options de gestion des risques à la lumière des différentes options d’évaluation des risques 28/05/2015
Directrices para las opciones de gestión de riesgos a la luz de diferentes resultados de la evaluación de riesgos 28/05/2015