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First virtual Commission Day 4: adopts all standards proposed and reactivates fish committee

With an audience again exceeding 500, the 43rd gathering of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, being held in three-hour sessions across six days, has completed its programme of standard adoption and approval of new work. Chairperson Guilherme Da Costa, Brazil, applauded once again the continued collaboration of Member Countries to build consensus and ensure valuable work can continue. “I thank you all for your support, your energy and usual cooperative spirit”, he said. The Commission adopted a series of standards from the Processed [...]
13 October 2020

Standards adoption progresses at first ever virtual meeting

With three sessions of CAC43 already completed, ten standards and six new work proposals have been adopted by the Commission, meeting for the first time ever virtually. Over 120 Members and more than 50 Observer organizations have participated so far and the next plenary session will be on Monday 12 October, 12:00 CET. Listed below are the standards, guidelines and codes of practice that will be adopted into the Codex Alimentarius and the proposals for new work that have been approved. As [...]
28 September 2020

Virtual Commission opens with an emphasis on innovation

The Directors-General of FAO and WHO, the parent organizations of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, set the stage for five days of decision-making on food standards with a message about getting ‘better’. More than 800 registered delegates joined the first-ever virtual Commission, now in its 43rd session, held remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  In congratulating the Commission for ‘jumping into the digital world’, FAO Director-General Dr QU Dongyu noted that science is the driving force for setting Codex food standards. “When [...]
24 September 2020

La répétition générale de la Commission attire plus de 300 personnes

Le séminaire Web organisé par le Secrétariat du Codex a remporté un franc succès ce vendredi 11 septembre 2020 : 86 pays ainsi que l’Union européenne y ont assisté, tout comme 34 organisations observatrices. Un pic d’audience recensant plus de 300 spectateurs a d’ailleurs été enregistré. Dès l’ouverture de la session, Guilherme Da Costa, président de la Commission du Codex Alimentarius (Brésil), a souhaité rendre hommage aux Points de contact du Codex mondiaux pour leur rôle clé dans la gestion de l’aspect pratique des travaux menés par [...]
16 September 2020

Codex announces webinar for delegates to prepare for first virtual Commission

As Codex Members and Observers prepare to take part in the first ever virtual session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, which starts on 24 September 2020, the Codex Secretariat has organized a training webinar to prepare delegates for the online meeting. This webinar will take place on Friday 11 September 2020, at 12.00 (CET). Delegates will hear from the Chairperson of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, Guilherme Da Costa and from Codex Secretary, Tom Heilandt, how it was possible to arrange for [...]
10 September 2020

Codex standards and regional committees key to FAO COVID-19 response on trade and food safety

The COVID-19 pandemic will have an unprecedented impact on global and regional trade. According to the World Trade Organization, world merchandise trade in 2020 could fall by as much as 32 percent. New policy guidance, part of the FAO COVID-19 Response and Recovery Programme, describes how the current economic recession is raising serious concerns about hunger and malnutrition. It goes on to explain how ad-hoc trade restrictions, including food safety measures that may not be science based, have worsened the situation [...]
03 September 2020

La Commission entre les mains des membres du Codex pour une quarante-troisième session en ligne

Aujourd’hui, les membres du Codex ont été invités à voter pour la tenue en ligne de la première session virtuelle de la Commission du Codex Alimentarius. La pandémie de Covid-19 a entraîné l’annulation de toutes les réunions physiques des comités du Codex pour cette année et le Secrétariat a œuvré activement en collaboration avec le président et les vice-présidents de la Commission, les présidents des comités ainsi que les pays hôtes afin de trouver des solutions permettant d’assurer la continuité [...]
13 August 2020

Food Safety Campaign in Rwanda

This year’s World Food Safety Day’s theme was Food Safety Everyone’s Business. The Authority adopted this theme to conduct a campaign on food safety. Several health reports indicate that there has been arise in the number of food borne illnesses globally, this campaign is therefore aimed at raising awareness on the risks people are exposed to through consuming unsafe food. It is also to boost safety measures for consumption of food among the general public, detecting and managing of food [...]
13 August 2020

Préparatifs en cours pour une Commission virtuelle du Codex

Les délégations de 85 pays membres du Codex et 40 organisations ayant statut d’observateur se sont retrouvées en ligne le 28 juillet 2020 à l’occasion de ce qui pourrait être considéré comme une répétition en vue de la quarante-troisième session de la Commission du Codex Alimentarius, prévue pour septembre 2020. Après le succès de la réunion virtuelle du Comité exécutif, la communauté du Codex commence désormais à se représenter les éléments nécessaires, les méthodes de préparation et les attentes pour [...]
04 August 2020

Progressing Global Standards during a global pandemic

The ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic has brought challenges to our way of living, interacting and working. The way we have worked internationally to date has been turned on its head. With the cancellation of almost all physical Codex meetings for 2020, it is now essential to look to new ways of continuing the work. The 79th session of the Executive Committee of the Codex Alimentarius Commission successfully met virtually between 13 and 20th July 202. In the current context, if [...]
26 July 2020
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