Future of Food

While undernutrition persists, we are witnessing an unprecedented rise in obesity and diet-related non-communicable diseases, also in low- and middle-income countries.

What is wrong with our food systems? How will we feed a growing and urbanizing world population with natural resources that are more and more limited and depleted?

This 2-day symposium will bring together academics, researchers, policymakers, representatives from civil society and private sector, parliamentarians and government agencies to discuss these questions (and many more), and explore pathways to a sustainable future of food and healthy diets for all.

Discussions will revolve around four main areas:

  1. Research, Knowledge Gaps and Needs for Sustainable Food Systems and Healthy Diets
  2. Governance of food systems for healthy diets
  3. Building Consumer Confidence in Food Systems
  4. Transforming Food Systems: What does it take?
Obesity and diet-related diseases are rising in all countries, while undernutrition persists.
The way our food is produced, processed and transported affects our health.
The #FutureofFood depends on our food systems.
Our current food systems are not conducive to healthy diets and take their toll on our limited natural resources.
Food systems must change to face the challenges of a growing and urbanizing humanity, rising diet-related health problems, climate change and depletion of natural resources.
Everyone, from individuals to governments and companies, has a role to play.

Key Documents