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Codex Contact Point
Mrs. Matilda Xhepa Specialist in Food Safety Unit Food Safety and Veterinary Institute Rr. A. Moisiu, No.10 Tirana, Albania Tel: +355 4 2372912
E-mail: [email protected]
National legislation on food safety: FAOLEX

Competent authorities

Name of authority
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development National Food Authority
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development - Ensure the consumer protection on the consumption of the food products of plant and animal origin, the improvement of the food safety system and guarantee the fair trade of the food business operators. The overall goal is to guarantee food safety from the farm to the table in compliance with the European standards. It is responsible in the formulation of policies and strategies on food safety and in the preparation of respective legislation. National Food Authority is responsible for the enforcement of the legislation concerning food safety and consumer protection; the control of plant and plant products, livestock, animal by-products and food of animal and non animal origin at the borders; risk assessment in the field of food and feed, plant protection and animal health protection; public information about the safety of food and feed, protection of plants and animal health protection; etc..
INFOSAN Emergency Contact Point
Lindita Molla - Institute of Public Health ( The contact point has been active for INFOSAN when required)

Food safety and consumer protection – laws and regulations

The current list of legislation, related to food safety and consumer protection in each country, is extracted from FAO's database on Food Legislation FAOLEX.
While FAOLEX makes every effort to serve as a high quality, reliable source of information, no guarantee is given that the information provided in FAOLEX is correct, complete, and up-to-date.

The national Codex programme

National Codex consultative mechanism
Actually Albania is a candidate country for the accession in EU and the legislative framework has been build in compliance of EU legislation which take in consideration codex programme
Providers of scientific and technical input to national consultation on Codex
Agriculture University Institute of Public Health Food Safety and Veterinary Insitute

Risk Assessments and Scientific Data

National bodies providing risk assessment and scientific advice
Scientific Commeette and scientific panels Food Safety and Veterinary Institute National Food Authority
Risk assessment, risk profiles, scientific opinions
Official Laboratory
-Respective Laboratories of Food Safety and Veterinary Institute (FSVI) -Regional Laboratory Network of National Food Authority
Official Competence
-FSVI - National Reference Centre - Regional laboratories of NFA, basic analytic level

Surveillance of foodborne diseases and monitoring of food contamination

National surveillance systems – foodborne disease in humans
Institute of Public Health is responsible and has a monitoring system for data collection on foodborne disease in humans Food Safety and Veterinary Institute is responsible and has a monitoring system for data collection for zoonotic and foodborn diseases in live animals and food.
National monitoring systems – foodborne hazards in the food chain
The monitoring system in the food chain is done by National Food Authority according to the annual official control plan based on risk. During the official control the samples are taken.