Comité del Codex sobre Etiquetado de los Alimentos
16/10/2017 - 20/10/2017 | Asunción, Paraguay

The CCFL44 session will be held at the Sheraton Asunción Hotel, Asunción, at the kind invitation of the Government of the Republic of Paraguay and the Government of Canada. The Session will begin at 9:30 on Monday 16 October 2017.

Registration facilities will be open on Sunday 15 October 2017 from 13:30 to 16:00 and on Monday 16 October from 8:00.

The Session will be conducted in English, French, and Spanish.

The Provisional Agenda is available in the table here below. Further documents will be available in the same table as soon as they are available.

Information for Delegates and Travel Documentation

Download information for delegates; visa requirements and epidemiological forms in English, French and Spanish.

Meeting for first time delegates will be Sunday 15th October at 4:00-5:00 pm in the Rio Parana room (3rd floor).

  • Side event on front-of-pack labelling: Monday, 16 October, 13:00 – 14:30 (Details)
    Objective: The main objective is to provide information regarding current activities underway related to front-of-pack labelling
  • Side event on alcoholic beverages: Tuesday, 17 October , 12:45 – 13:45. (Details)
  • Workshop on food labelling: Thursday, 19 October, 09:00 – 11:00 (Details)
    Objective: The main objective is to provide a forum for countries to share experiences and challenges they face in food labelling legislation and how the guidance provided by Codex on food labelling is taken into account.

    Amendments to the LoP
    To make changes in the List of Participants please click here after the login.

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    TemaDescripciónFecha de carga
    Documento de referencia
    1Programa provisional15/12/2015
    CX/FL 17/44/1
    6Anteproyecto de Orientación para el etiquetado de los envases no destinados a la venta al por menor28/08/2017
    CX/FL 17/44/6
    9Documento de debate sobre futuros trabajos y dirección para el CCFL19/09/2017
    CX/FL 17/44/9
    8Declaraciones de preferencia de los consumidores (documento de debate)11/09/2017
    CX/FL 17/44/8
    5.1Marcado de la fecha (Proyecto de Revisión de la Norma general para el etiquetado de los alimentos preenvasados) (respuestas a la CL 2016/34-FL) 11/09/2017
    CX/FL 17/44/5
    2.1Cuestiones remitidas al Comité por la CAC y otros órganos auxiliares del Codex 12/09/2017
    CX/FL 17/44/2
    7Documento de debate sobre la consideración de asuntos respecto al etiquetado nutricional en la parte frontal del envase25/09/2017
    CX/FL 17/44/7
    4.1Consideration of labelling provisions in draft Codex standards (endorsement)13/09/2017
    CX/FL 17/44/4 Rev
    2.3Cuestiones pendientes del CCFL43: uso de los términos “aroma” o “aromatizantes” en el etiquetado 20/10/2015
    CX/FL 17/44/2-Add.1
    6.1Anteproyecto de Orientación para el etiquetado de los envases no destinados a la venta al por menor: observaciones en respuesta al documento CL 2017/71-FL 19/09/2017
    CX/FL 17/44/6 Add.1
    3.2Documento de debate sobre el etiquetado de bebidas alcohólicas05/10/2017
    CX/FL 17/44/3-Add.1
    2.2Matters referred: Biopesticides, biofertilizers and biostimulants04/10/2017
    CX/FL 17/44/2 Add.2
    3.1Matters of interest from FAO and WHO09/10/2017
    CX/FL 17/44/3
    5Draft revision of the General Standard for the Labelling of Prepackaged Foods: Date Marking10/10/2017
    201División de las Competencias entre la Unión Europea y sus Estados miembros 13/10/2017
    216Comments from USA16/10/2017
    221_Comments from India, United States and Costa Rica 13/07/2017
    212Comments from Costa Rica and Paraguay_Item 1017/10/2017
    0DRAFT REPORT20/10/2017
    DRAFT REP18/FL_s
    202Matters referred by CAC and other subsidiary bodies19/09/2017
    205Summary of work identified as “Phase Two” in date marking work19/09/2017
    203Matters referred - Prepared by the Codex Secretariat11/10/2017
    204Alcohol labelling - comments13/10/2017
    206Revision of the general standard for the labelling of prepackaged foods: date marking13/10/2017
    207Proposed draft guidance for the labelling of non-retail containers - comments20/10/2015
    208Consideration of labelling provisions in Codex standards (endorsement) - comments13/10/2017
    211Comments from Dominican Republic16/10/2017
    213Comments from Russian Federation20/10/2015
    214 Comments from Paraguay16/10/2017
    217Comments from FIVS 20/10/2015
    220Comments from Nicaragua16/10/2017
    218Comments from FoodDrinklEurope on Item 720/10/2015
    219Comments from Republic of Korea on Item 720/10/2015
    222Comments from Paraguay on Item 7 16/10/2017
    215Comments from Senegal 20/10/2015
    223 Comments from South Africa on items 2b, 5, and 720/10/2015
    301Draf List of Participants18/10/2017
    REP17/FL Appendix I
    224Revised Project FOPL18/10/2017
    302Appendix II (Date Marking)19/10/2017
    REP18/FL_Appendix II
    303Appendix III _Front-of-Pack Labelling19/10/2017
    REP18/FL_Appendix III
    304All files zip collection

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