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Comité del Codex sobre Pescado y Productos Pesqueros
19/10/2015 - 24/10/2015 | Ålesund, Noruega


The 34th Session of the Codex Committee on Fish and Fishery Products will be held from October 19th–24th2015 in Ålesund, Norway.
The Session will begin at 09:30, Monday, October 19th. The Session will be conducted in English, French and Spanish.

On Sunday there will be two working groups:
COP Scallops: 9:00–12:00
COP Sturgeon Caviar: 14:00 –17:00
There will be a seminar for first time delegates from 18:00-19:00.

In the registration form please indicate your partecipation to the above events.


All participants should provide their information (names and addresses) through the online registration system by accessing the link below, latest by 19th September 2015.

Login and password for the online registration have been provided to all Codex Contact Points and Codex Point of Observers Organizations. If the login and password have not been received, please contact [email protected]
Only in case of technical difficulty, the registration form should be sent directly to the CCFFP Secretariat [email protected]


The documents for the session are available in English, French and Spanish and will be placed on the Codex webside as soon as they are prepared. NB! We kindly remind you to obtain all documentation from the Codex website prior to the meeting.

More information are available in the Information for Delegates document in the table here below.

Documentos relacionados

TemaDescripciónFecha de carga
Documento de referencia
3Proyecto de Código de Prácticas para la Elaboración de Salsa de Pescado23/09/2015
8Código de Prácticas para el Pescado y los Productos Pesqueros (requisitos facultativos del producto final para los productos/Apéndice sobre AVAM)14/09/2015
2.1a) Cuestiones planteadas por la Comisión del Codex Alimentarius y otros Comités del Codex24/09/2015
2.2Cuestiones derivadas del trabajo de la FAO y la OMS24/09/2015
3.1Observaciones en el Trámite 624/09/2015
4.1Observaciones en el Trámite 324/09/2015
CX/FFP 15/34/5 Add.1
4Anteproyecto de Código de Prácticas para la Elaboración de Productos de Pectínidos Frescos y Pectínidos Crudos Congelados Rápidamente14/09/2015
5.1Observaciones en el Trámite 324/09/2015
CX/FFP 15/34/6 Add.1
5Anteproyecto de Código de Prácticas para el Pescado y los Productos Pesqueros (Sección sobre el caviar de esturión)14/09/2015
6Projet de dispositions sur les additifs alimentaires dans les normes pour les poissons et les produits de la pêche14/09/2015
7Documento de Trabajo sobre los Factores de Nitrógeno (enmiendas a la Sección 7.4 de la Norma para Barritas, Porciones y Filetes de Pescado Empanados o Rebozados Congelados Rápidamente (CODEX STAN 166-1989)23/09/2015
9Documento de trabajo referente a la Histamina30/09/2015
CX/FFP 15/34/10
10.2Documento de debate acerca del futuro del Comité sobre pescado y productos pesqueros09/10/2015
CX/FFP 15/34/1
101Agenda Provisional del día Anotada División de las Competencias12/10/2015
CRD1 - Opening
3.4Proyecto de Código de Prácticas para la Elaboración de Salsa de Pescado16/10/2015
REP14/FFP, Appendix IV
3.2Comments at Step 614/09/2015
CX/FFP 15/34/4 Add.1
4.2Comments at Step 324/09/2015
CX/FFP 15/34/5 Add.2
5.2Comments at Step 314/09/2015
CX/FFP 15/34/6 Add.2
CX/FFP 15/34/9 Add.1
0Guide to Delegates24/09/2015
103Revised Proposed Draft Code of Practice for Fish and Fishery Products (section on sturgeon caviar)09/10/2015
CRD3 -Agenda Item 5
106Revised Draft Code of Practice for Processing of Fish Sauce12/10/2015
CRD6 - Agenda Item 3
102Revised Draft Code of Practice on the Processing of Fresh and Quick Frozen Raw Scallop Products12/10/2015
CRD2 - Agenda Item 4
5.3Comments at Step 313/10/2015
CX/FFP 15/34/6 Add.3
CX/FFP 15/34/9 Add.2
3.3Comments at Step 613/10/2015
CX/FFP 15/34/4 Add.2
4.3Comments at Step313/10/2015
CX/FFp 15/34/5 Add.3
112Update of the FAO/WHO Histamine Sampling Tool14/10/2015
CRD12 - Agenda Item 9
116Comments of Thailand15/10/2015
CRD16 - Agenda Item 4
115Comments of Republic of Korea15/10/2015
CRD15 - Agenda Items 3, 4 and 5
114Comments of Japan15/10/2015
CRD14 - Agenda Item 5
113Comments of Kenya15/10/2015
CRD13 - Agenda Items 3, 4, 5 and 8
108Comments on Matters Referred to the Committee by the Codex Alimentarius Commission and Other Codex Committees15/10/2015
CRD8 - Agenda Item 2a
109Comments on Proposed Food Additive Provisions in Standards for Fish and Fishery Products15/10/2015
CRD9 - Agenda Item 6
110Comments onf Disuccsion Paper on Nitrogen Factors15/10/2015
CRD10 - Agenda Item 7
111Comments on Discussion Paper on Histamine15/10/2015
CRD11- Agenda Item 9
120Comments of Ghana17/10/2015
CRD20 - Agenda Items 6, 9
119Comments of Peru17/10/2015
CRD19 - Agenda Items 3,4,6
118Comments of Norway17/10/2015
CRD18 - Agenda Item 8
117Comments of Chile17/10/2015
CRD17 - Agenda 4
107Draft Reply of CCFFP34 to the Strategic Plan Implementation18/10/2015
CRD7 - Agenda Item 2a
122Comments of USA18/10/2015
CRD22 - Agenda Item 9
121Comments of Indonesia18/10/2015
CRD21 - Agenda 3,6
123Comments of USA19/10/2015
CRD23 - Agenda 6
104Report of Physical Working on Revised Draft Code of Practice on the Processing of Fresh and Quick Frozen Raw Scallop Products19/10/2015
CRD4 - Agenda Item 4
105Report of Physical Working Group on the Code of Practice for Fish and Fishery Products (Section on Sturgeon Caviar)19/10/2015
CRD5 - Agenda Item 5
124Report of In-Session Working Group on Food Additives20/10/2015
CRD24 - Agenda Item6
125Report of In-Session Working Group on Draft Code of Practice for Processing of Fresh and Quick Frozen Raw Scallop Products20/10/2015
CRD25 - Agenda Item 4