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Codex launches RSS feed for meetings


Anyone can now follow Codex Alimentarius meetings simply by clicking on the RSS icon.

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary and is a technology used to monitor rapidly changing information on the web in an organized and user friendly way. 

RSS icon

It is identified by the little orange and white RSS icon that is found all over the world on Web sites, in particular on news sites and blogs. 

By posting a "feed" on their page, web site owners allow RSS readers to search their site to continuously look for fresh and new information all the while maintaining user privacy.

Anyone can now follow the work of Codex Alimentarius Committees simply by clicking on the RSS icon on each individual meeting page. 

CAC40 Rss feed

Open the meeting page of your interest and click the orange and white RSS icon to subscribe to it. 

CAC40 Rss reader

Codex Secretary Tom Heilandt said: "we used to send all notification messages out manually but this was extremely labour intensive and so we discontinued the practice. Those who had been used to this service were understandably disappointed and we have heard you!". Heilandt went on to explain that "the IT and Communications team in the Secretariat have put together a quick solution I am very happy about". 

Now you the user can define the notifications you want to receive.

For instructions on the use of the RSS feed in Outlook and most common browsers download the Codex RSS feed manual - available in English - here

For smartphone and tablet users there are many options available via a range of apps. Check the app store and google play for details.

For questions, support or comments please contact [email protected]